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Speak Your Mind...Google Voice Typing

Let Your Voice Be Heard Dictating to your computer can be a productivity boost. For some it is an accessibility boost as it helps them think through what they are writing and more easily get the thoughts down on "paper". There are paid programs for this that work very well such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. This program allows the user to train the software to their voice and supports the user is verbally adding punctuation as well as other voice commands. It really is a great way to draft messages and other writing. There is also a mobile version of the software to help users on mobile devices. The downside to these solutions is their cost. The desktop program begins at $300 and the mobile app uses as subscription model ($15/month or $150/yr)1. While a professional may be able to request this this tool to assist them in their work, this cost is something that makes the use of this program impossible for many students. The fortunate thing is that there is a free tool within…