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What's new in GSuite?

Google has announced a number of updates. Below are a few that I think are important for teaching and learning.

The first noteworthy update is that they have brought some accessibility enhancements to Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. Google has added Braille support for Sheets and screen magnifier support in Slides and Drawings.

Next, it is now possible to search within a folder in Google Drive. The only catch with this is that the folder must be located withing your 'My Drive'. You are not able to search within a folder that is in your "Shared with me" area unless you add it to your Drive.

Finally, the Jamboard was brought in as a core GSuite service. For those who might be unfamiliar, the Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard that facilitates collaboration. While we currently don't have any of these on campus, I am excited to see that Google has brought this in as a core service as this points to stable support of the product. I am excited about investigating how…