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Always Get to Moodle

We create a new Moodle instance each year with a unique URL which includes the numbers for the academic year. This can create a problem if you bookmark the site and then come back the next year. The bookmark you created will take you to an old Moodle instance.

You can always get to the current Moodle by entering "" in your browser's address bar. Even better, it is  possible to edit your Moodle book mark to do the same. The animated gif below shows the steps. This was done in the Google Chrome browser, but the steps should be very similar for other browsers.

Links to Edit BookmarksFirefox Google Chrome Safari Micorsoft Edge

Text to Speech with Read&Write for Google Chrome

What it Does and Why The Read&Write for Google Chrome extension (free) contains a number of different tools. The first and most visible is its ability to read Google Docs aloud (TTS, text-to-speech). When paired with the Texthelp PDF Reader extension (free), web-hosted1 PDFs may also be read aloud. In addition to reading the document aloud, the read-aloud function highlights each word as it is read. I have found in my own experience that I am able listen and read faster in this way, having the document read aloud to me, than I can read to myself. Having a document read aloud has a number of implications for student learning.

A few of these include:
Comprehension - Having a document read aloud can help a student better comprehend the material.2 It can also assist those who are non-native speakers.  Document Review - Have a document read aloud provides an easy means for all students to proof their work. This could also be used as a tool by instructors, using the tool to read papers …

Updates to Google Calendar Coming

As I posted back in October, Google is updating the Calendar user interface. The change will occur on January 8. Up until now users could opt-in, but now the change will be pushed to all users. You can see what the new calendar looks like below.

You can read more about it in the official announcement from Google here.