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Google Classroom: Alice Keeler - "My Respond to Private Comments in Google Classroom Workflow"

If you are using, or are interested in using Google Classroom, then I recommend that you check out the post and blog linked at the end of this post. In the linked post. Alice Keeler lays out a workflow for managing private comments in Google Classroom. This workflow puts the priority on providing substantive, helpful feedback. If it doesn't help the student it is not worth your time to do, right?

OCR...The Devil Is In The Details

OCR (optical character recognition) is a complex and inexact process. I covered some of this in a previous post. The video below is a deeper dive into the processing and math (just a touch) behind how OCR processing happens.

Because of the complexity of this process it is important to begin with the best quality original scan possible. Some scan settings to keep in mind:
Color - This should be set to Grayscale. The grayscale setting helps to gather as much detail as possible from the original without making the file size too large.Resolution (DPI) - This should be set to 300 dpi. This is the minimum resolution recommended for OCR.Format - The file format should be PDF.