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Scheduling Meetings: Choice Eliminator Google Forms Plugin

I happened on this plugin for Google Forms that will eliminate a choice once it has been chosen and submitted in a form. This has the potential to streamline scheduling office hours or other meetings. I am sure that there are other applications as well.

The plugin may be found and installed at the following link:

I found this plugin from a post in the Free Tech for teachers blog. It is one option in a list of options. While focusing on the K-12 venue, this blog is a great resource for any instructor regardless of teaching level, and is listed in our list of "Noteworthy Blogs."

UPDATE: Free Transcription (Speech to Text) Tool

We have updated the post about using Google Voice Typing in Google Docs for transcription to include a note about accessibility. Google Docs is not the most accessible tool. It is possible however to download any Google Doc as a Microsoft Word document.

To do so:
Click File > Download As... > Microsoft Office (.docx).

Doing so will create a Microsoft Word document of the file, which is more accessible to those who may need to use a screen reader.