Swivl Pilot

Instructional Technology (ITEC) would like to announce that we are currently running a pilot for a Swivl. "What is a Swivl?" you may ask. The Swivl is a system comprised of a robotic base, infrared marker and tablet that may be used to record a presentation. The benefit of the marker-base setup is that the base will track where the marker moves. The marker also contains an integrated microphone and uses the microphone to record the audio from the presenter. This provides much better quality audio than a traditional video camera setup would. Video is recorded locally to the paired iPad and also uploaded to a free Swivl Cloud account. From there the video may be trimmed, shared, or downloaded.

There are a number of applications for the Swivl, but a few main applications are:
  • an instructor recording material to present to a class in a "flipped" or "blended" model.
  • an instructor recording "in-time" material in response to 
  • recording student presentations for subsequent review.
Since opening the pilot this past summer we have seen the Swivl be mostly used for the latter of the three applications. ITEC is interested in seeing if this technology is something that may be helpful for teaching and learning on Beloit's campus. If this piece of tech interests you, please reach out to ITEC to request a demonstration. 


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