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Google Sheets: Pivot Tables

In the video below, Jay Atwood shares about how and why to use pivot tables in Google Sheets. If you are curious about what pivot tables are and why you would want to use them, this video will be a help. This video demonstrates how you can manipulate data within a sheet to answer questions you have about the data.

Improved Search in Drive and Columns in Docs

This is a quick update to share that Google has made some improvements to search within Google Drive and added support for creating columns in Google Docs. You can read the full announcement  from Google here.

Below is a screenshot of how to add columns into a Google document. The ability to add columns has been a long awaited function for many Docs users.

ITEC Workshop - Moodle: IPAL, H5P

This is the first post in a series of posts about workshops that ITEC (Instructional Technology) will be facilitating over the fall semester. You can read more about the workshops and find a schedule here. This post is a summary of the first session, Moodle: IPAL, H5P. Thank you to everyone who attended. Both of these tools are plugins available for Moodle. The first is a student response plugin that allows the instructor to prose questions to students and receive feedback immediately. The second is a free, open-source tool for creating interactive web content. We will take a brief look at each tool and provide links for more in-depth documentation further on.

H5PH5P is a website that provides the means for a person to create interactive HTML 5 embed-able elements into webpages. One promising tool within the H5P suite is an interactive video element which you can see in a longer summary here. This tool lets the user overlay questions and other elements on top of an online video. They…