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Moodle + Gravatar

We currently create a new Moodle instance each academic year. It can be frustrating that each time a new Moodle is created any profile pictures that were added are lost. There is a way to keep this from happening. It relies on a service called Gravatar.

Gravatar stands for globally recognized avatar. The benefit to using it is that any time you visit a site that supports it your profile image is automatically added. Moodle supports Gravatar. This means that you can create an avatar that will automatically appear each year in the new Moodle. You can set it and forget it (unless you want to update the image). Using Gravatar is free, but does require that you create an account.


Moodle1617 is now available and is running version 2.9. Summer and Fall courses have been and are being populated. This version contains a number of updates. A lot of work has gone in this version to make it as user-friendly as possible. 
A few noteworthy changes are listed below. Click here to see the full list. 
Please contact the Moodle Administrator if you have any questions about these updates.

Enhancements for everyone:Dashboard Page “My Home” is now “Dashboard” - This is the same user homepage with a new name.

Drag-and-drop in Atto It's now possible to drag and drop images directly into the Atto editor, for example when editing a course summary or when posting in a forum

New Profile Page Accessed from the user menu, the new Profile page provides quick links to blog entries, forum post, badges and, depending on the user’s privileges, a variety of reports including a new browser sessions page. The page includes links formerly in the Navigation block.
Enhancements for students: