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FALL 2016 ITEC Workshops

The Instructional Technology team (ITEC) will be offering a series of workshops this coming fall semester, running September through November. There will be a Rotating schedule with broad topic categories:
Week One - MoodleWeek Two - Google AppsWeek Three - Media ToolsWeek Four - Drop-In The full schedule of workshops may be seen below. While we are planning specific topics, we invite attendees to bring their questions and we will do our best to tailor the session in the time we have.  Monday sessions will be held during Common Hour (12:30-1:30 PM) in Science Center 150.Thursday sessions will be held at 4-5 PM in the Learning Studio (Library). We hope that this staggered schedule will maximize opportunities for attendance. Each of the sessions will be listed in the Master Calendar. While the audience focus may be different depending on the topic, all faculty, staff, and students are welcome to attend.
If you have ideas for topics you would like to see addressed in a session or question…

H5P Interactive Tools

We recently became aware of a new-to-us tool, called H5P. This tool (website) provides a framework for creating interactive web content. It is free and open-source. Click here to see examples of the types of content that may be created. recently announced the availability of a plugin to be able to use these tools inside of Moodle. The plugin installs into Moodle as an activity, meaning that it may be used in every context in which other activities may be used. As  with activities, they may be graded.

One of the tools available within H5P is an interactive video. Below is an example:

This tool allows an instructor to paste in a URL from a YouTube video and then layer questions on top of the original video. there are choices about how the questions appear and whether or not the video should pause while the question appears. There are a number of question types.

It remains to be seen how accessible all of these tools are but it appears that making this suite of tools as accessib…

Update to Google+

We have been informed that Google will be bringing Google Plus into the cadre of core supported Google Apps. In order to accomplish this Google Plus itself will be updated. This will bring a minor change to your current Google Plus page.

The big change is that Hangouts is being separated from Google Plus. Google mentions,
We want to highlight the following functionality currently present in classic Google+ that will not be available once Google+ becomes a core service:
Creating Events (users will still be able to view and delete existing events).Initiating Hangouts chats from Google+ (users will still be able to use Hangouts through the Hangouts app, on Gmail, or at or creating Hangouts on Air (HOA) from Google+.
Note: users will still be able to create new live streaming sessions using YouTube Live. Users will also still be able to view and delete existing HOA data.
Will this have a huge impact on your daily use (or not) of Google PLus? Probably not. But fore-…