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Quizzing in Google Forms

Google Forms now allows you to create quizzes. These quizzes can automatically be graded! Google added functionality into forms to automatically grade questions - turning a form into a quiz.
You may read Google's support documentation about quizzing here.

Setting up a quiz is really easy, especially if you are familiar with Google Forms. There is a separate settings section for quizzes that may be accessed by clicking the gear icon from within a form. You may choose when students see their grade (immediately or after a review), and what information they will see (missed questions, correct answers, and point totals). Because this is a Google Form you have the option to allow the submitter to either edit their response or submit another form. Both option could be used to create a study aid/self test. There are three types of questions that can automatically be graded in Forms. They are: multiple choice, check-boxes and drop-downs. Each give you the option of selecting the correct a…