Update: Hashtag ToDo

UPDATE: After using this tool for almost a month, I am back to using Google Tasks. The thing that I found was that I have tasks that I want to list, but that are not urgent for a particular day. This meant that I had a long list of tasks in the 'all-day' event section of my calendar which pushed the rest of the calendar down on the page. While I could mark something as done, doing so did not remove it from the calendar.

I recently came upon a tool that allows me to use my Google Calendar as a To-do list, called HashtagToDo (#todo). I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. You can see how it works with your calendar here. So far I like it. It is nice to be able to put to-dos directly into my calendar. I really like that any tasks that I don't complete are automatically moved to the next day. I actually made a separate "to-do" calendar so that 1) I could make it a different color from my regular calendar, and 2) so that I could hide it if I want. This also allows me to not share all my to-dos with anyone that has access to my regular calendar.

This tool is very easy to set up and use.

  • To connect the tool to your calendar, just sign up with your Google account. The settings allow you to determine which calendars work with HashtagTodo.
  • To create a To-do just add "#todo" (without the quotes) to any calendar item. This will create a check box for the item. Once the to-do has been completed you can add an 'x' in the check box to mark it as complete. That's it!

As far as any minuses...
I previously used Google Tasks and enjoyed the ease with which I could move an email to Tasks. Any time I want to do that now I have to do manually (copy/paste the email URL into the event description). This isn't, however, enough to keep me from using HashtagTodo. One thing that might be a nice feature to add is making completed tasks fade out like past events. I think that that would be an easier visual cue that something is completed versus looking for the 'x'.



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