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Google Drive: Adding Files to Multiple Folders

When Google updated Google Drive, it became a little less apparent about how to move a single file into multiple folders. Doing so may or may not be necessary depending on your workflow, but it can be handy if you need a file accessible from more than one location.

A favorite edtech blogger of ITEC, Alice Keeler outlines how to add a file into multiple folders in a post of tips for Google Drive on her blog.

Contact Us Form

We recently discovered that our contact form was broken. We were not receiving notifications about any form submissions.

We have resolved the issue and are now receiving copies of submissions. Please accept our apologies and do use the form if you need/want to contact us.

As a result of the work we did, we can recommend an Add-on for Google Forms that will create a mail merge from a form submission. the addon is called FormMule. It is fairly intuitive to setup.