Moodle Quiz Docs [UPDATE]

I recently came across some Moodle documentation describing some strategies for making the Moodle quiz as effective as possible.
I posted links to our internal quiz documentation earlier this year and thought this would make a welcome addition. I have updated that post to include the link above and will be updating our internal documentation to include the link as well.

A couple of the ideas that I think bear a highlight here include recommendations for security, and creating random variants of questions.

Because Moodle is a digital/internet venue it is possible for students to copy or print questions and answers. Depending on how the quiz is setup this may make it possible for a student to reproduce a quiz in its entirety. The documentation shares strategies to minimize the possibility and effect that this may have. Creating question variants is one such strategy. While it may take more time on the frontend to create the questions and variants, doing so will make a quiz more robust from a security standpoint and as an assessment tool.


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