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Thanks to a friendly instructor (who also blogs) I discovered that the commenting system on this blog was non-functional.

I found this post. Most browsers block third-party cookies by default. This is causes an issue when the the blog is set to use embedded commenting. A person enters a comment and then nothing happens. This seems to have been a problem for awhile as I found this blog post from 2012 about the same problem.

Pop-up comments: The recommendation in the forum post linked above is to enable this or full page comments. The pop-up really works well and allows a person to still see the blog they are commenting on. Any previous comments are listed in the pop-up so replies are easy to make as well. Once a comment is posted it appears under the blog post. The one downside to this is that it does not appear to allow threaded comments.

To enable this:
  1. Navigate to Posts and Comments 
  2. Select "Pop-up window" from the comment location drop-down menu.

Google+ commenting: This is embedded in the blog post and allows threading. The downside is that this requires a Google+ account. While this might be an option for a blog within a Google apps domain, this probably isn't a good option for a personal blog as it will not allow anyone without a G+ account to comment. You may follow the instructions here to enable this for your blog.

I really think the pop-up option is the best way to go. I would prefer to be able to have an embedded and threaded comment system, but this will allow the broadest group of people to comment. 

Images: By Tokyoship (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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