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Moodle Gradebook Survey 2

On May 12, we posted about a survey Moodle's founder and creator, Martin Dougiamas, had posted inquiring about the Moodle grade book. He has taken the results of that survey and created a more specific query. The message from Martin Dougiamas is below:

Hi all,
Several weeks ago we ran a short Gradebook survey to gather some of your feedback in preparation for the Moodle Gradebook workshop in Long Beach, California on June 11-12.  Thank you to more than 600 of you who provided the group with some terrific rich data to work with.

The working group has distilled some of the key issues into a second survey with more specific targeted questions, and we would love to get responses from those of you working with the Moodle gradebook to help us further.
The survey is here:  Moodle Gradebook Enhancement Survey

Please spread this link around to Moodle teachers that you know!
Thanks for contributing to Moodle with your feedback! Please take a moment to complete the survey. The more feedback we ca…

THATCamp Milwaukee

The instructional technology team had the opportunity to attend THATCamp Milwaukee this past weekend with Ellen Joyce. It was a wonderful time meeting and dialoging with peers. Below is a Storify archive of the Twitter stream from the conference.

[View the story "THATCamp MKE" on Storify]

Converting VHS

We have updated our instructions for converting VHS to another format. Material may be captured from VHS and converted to another format as long as it is within the bounds of honoring copyright. Please honor copyright and make sure that your capture is a fair use.

We have equipment in the Innovation space located in the Library to assist you with this task. There are three software options available to you to capture and convert the VHS footage: iMovie/iDVD, Adobe Premiere Pro/Encore and Final Cut Pro. Please visit the link below to see the instructions for each platform.

Blendkit 2014: Reaction to Chapter 2

Well, I am playing catch-up. This is my reaction to Chapter 2 for the Blendkit 2014 course. In summary, this chapter discusses some of the challenges related to teaching and learning in a blended environment, provides ideas for types of roles an instructor might take in a blended course and shares recommendations and examples about engaging with students in a blended course.

One of the main points that stuck out to me was the necessity for "high impact activities" and that it is through interaction in the activity(ies) with the instructor and peers that meaningful learning occurs. When I think back to the courses in which I learned the most, it was those in which I was able to work with peers and receive feedback/input from the instructor. One of the challenges in a blended learning environment is disconnection the learner may feel with the course, instructor and peers. Providing opportunities to interact with peers in a more informal manner, setting expectations for polite…

Moodle Gradebook Survey

To Beloit College Faculty:

Do you use the Moodle gradebook? Are there things you like, or don't like? Below is an opportunity to make your voice heard! Martin Dougiamas, the creator and lead developer of Moodle, is seeking feedback about the gradebook. You can read more about that here.

If you use the gradebook please take five minutes to complete this brief survey. Any feedback you can provide will be helpful.

Short Moodle Gradebook Survey

Happy Moodling!

Pandemic: Gaming in a Biology Seminar Course

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our Biology faculty, Amy Briggs, to discuss a game, Pandemic, that she had been using in one of her classes. This semester she is teaching a class, "Biology, War and Human Rights." In this course students investigate the biological aspects of radiological, biological, and chemical weapons and examine cases of when these have been used in human history. They then connect what happens to our cells when these sorts of weapons are used, taking into account the historical context, and discuss the ethics and human rights related to the use of these and how we can protect people.

I wanted to find out why Professor Briggs chose this game, how it fits into her course, and the learning goals it helps meet. I was also interested in the experience she and her students had using the game. Some of the things from the interview that stuck out were that the game was a simulation for what the class was studying, that it allowed t…
Greetings! This post is to inform you about the new Moodle instance, changes to the Moodle policy and a reminder to backup copies of your current courses.
It is that time of year!The old Moodle instance will be archived and the new instance will be live on May 19. The old instance will be renamed to A link to the archived instance will be posted on the Moodle Archive page. Faculty and students will have the same access they do now. The new Moodle instance will be live on May 19 and will be found at If you would like to visit the site before May 19 (to work on your course sites) you may do so by navigating to This instance is running version 2.6.x. There are some additional features in this version that should improve the working experience in Moodle. Below is a short list (see the full list here).
Go Paperless! Easily review and provide in-line feedback by annotating on PDF files directly within bro…