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Blendkit 2014: Reaction to Chapter 1

Hello! Amidst the flurry of the end of the semester I (Jedidiah) decided to signup for a MOOC offered through Educause centering around how to design for a blended learning experience. This first post is a reaction to the first assigned reading.

I think this chapter provides a good summary of what blended learning can and should be. It codifies and specifies what I had in my own mind about blended learning.

One question it brought up for me is, what does a "properly implemented" blended learning experience look like? it really could be different for each and every scenario, but really comes down to planning. Careful attention should be paid first to the desired outcomes of the class and from that are developed the specific activities/experiences. Once these are identified then the instructor/designer may go about determining which of these learning activities are best suited for face-to-face experience and which are best suited to an online medium.