Clickers in the Classroom

Instructional Technology had the opportunity to attend a webinar sponsored by iClicker and hosted by Dr. Stephanie Chasteen. The webinar discussed strategies for using "clickers" (student response systems) effectively in a class.

The strategies shared during the presentation may be used with any "clicker" system. Dr. Chasteen also shared a little about the pedagogy of peer instruction and its effectiveness.

Among the tips offered were the following:

  • Create student buy-in - Student buy-in is key. Do what you can to make the use of clickers a worthwhile experience.
  • Use good questions - Stay away from rote memory type questions or those that allow patter matching. Good questions require reasoning.
  • Wait to share poll results and answers as long as possible - doing so will create interest and aid discussion/learning.
  • Establish a safe, respectful environment - encourage sharing of ideas, don't show the results (histograms/answers) right away, ask multiple students to defend the choices they made and emphasize reasoning.

Dr. Chasteen has generously shared handouts and other resources from the webinar. Feel free to check them out at the link below:

You may also view a recording of the webinar (1:19) hosted on iClicker's website. Follow the link below to view the webinar.

If you are interested in exploring "clickers" as a pedagogical tool you may want to visit the following link which is a community of users sharing best practices and example questions.

Image By Selena Wilke (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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