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Grading and Student Notifications in Moodle.

It used to be in the pre-Moodle 2 days that an instructor could select whether or not students received a notification that an assignment is graded. This has been sorely missed by many in Moodle 2.

It appears that new function in Moodle 2.6 may be able to allow more control over the notifications that students receive and when they receive them. This is an exciting development!

A new capability called 'marking workflow' has been added into Moodle 2.6. From the Assignments settings page on,
"One advantage of using marking workflow is that the grades can be hidden from students until they are set to 'Released'. Below is the section from the documentation page pertaining to marking workflow:Use marking workflow When set to Yes, teachers will be able to specify the stage they are at in their grading of individual assignments (as in the screenshot below)
Marking workflow state in the individual grading screen
Dropdown to select marking workflow state when …