Moodle and SchoolDude

Over the summer the Physical Plant and Information Technology (IT) offices implemented a new request tracking software called SchoolDude. Physical Plant is using the application called MaintenanceDirect and IT is using the ITDirect application. Requests involving repair, support or checking out IT equipment or systems OR requests for services, repair or support relating to buildings, rooms, maintenance or housekeeping needs by Physical Plant are entered and tracked by the SchoolDude system. Both offices made the changes in order to provide improved services to the campus community and more effectively communicate and track the status of requests.

What does this mean for Moodle? Any support requests related to Moodle or any requests for Moodle Groups courses may be entered into SchoolDude.

To do so:

1. Navigate to the SchoolDude Requestor page and enter your Beloit College email address to log in.
2. Click the "IT Request" tab
3. Enter your location information (Step 2).
4. Select Learning Management System as the problem type (click on the icon - Step 3)
If this is an emergency, check the box to note that. You may also call or email IT Support at x2067 or

5. Enter a description of the issue you are having (Step 4). Please include:
  • whether you are working in Moodle or Moodle Groups
  • the name/title/number of the course
  • a detailed description of the issue
6. If you are requesting a course creation for Moodle Groups, please fill out the questionnaire (Step 5).
7. Enter tag number of the computer you are using (Step 6).
8. Attach any files, if necessary (Step 7).
9. Enter the submittal password (in the Portal on the SchoolDude page - Step 8).
10. Click Submit (Step 9).


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