Make clean PDF's of web resources with Evernote Clearly

Have you ever come across a great article on the web that is plagued by distracting ads or other content? Clearly is a tool that cleans off all the distraction and provides a clean minimal copy of the article you want to read. You can click this link to see Clearly in action. The power of clearly can be used to create clean pdf's of these same resources.

To do so on a Mac computer:
  1. Click the "Print" icon in the clearly window.
  2. Click the PDF button in the Print dialog window.
  3. Select Save as PDF from the options presented.
  4. Give the file a name and select where you would like to save the file.
  5. Click Save.
To do so on a Windows computer:
  1. Click the "Print" icon in the clearly window.
  2. Select Primo PDF from the Name field of the Print dialog window and click OK.
  3. You may receive an error message that mentions that the file name contains invalid characters. You can safely click OK. This message appears because many web addresses contain characters that are not compatible with file naming convention.
  4. The Primo PDF window will open. Select the Print category, then click the Create PDF button.
You may view an annotated version of these instructions by following this link.

Bonus Tip:
The PDFs you create through Clearly have render-able text. This means that they should be readable by assistive technologies.



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