Archive/Export Moodle forum with Evernote Clearly

Until recently it has been very difficult to export or save a copy of a forum from within Moodle (unless you download and install another forum plugin) . Evernote (and specifically Clearly) have made this process much easier! I must thank my colleague and faculty member at Beloit College, Bill New, for sharing this tip with me.

The ability to export a forum has great pedagogical value - using a discussion to illustrate a particular point or as an example of what a good forum post/discussion is or isn't - the list could go on. The native forum module in Moodle doesn't easily allow one to export a forum. An instructor/facilitator is relegated to copy/paste which is cumbersome at best. There are additional plugins that can be installed by an admin (Forum NG is one), but this too has its disadvantages.

Enter Evernote Clearly (mentioned before). This tool cleans up a website, removing any extraneous information and allows you to focus on the content. You can clip directly to Evernote, print, and/or save to PDF.

Below are some screenshots illustrating how this works with a forum in Moodle.

A forum post in Moodle
Moodle forum without Clearly.

A forum post with the Clearly overlay applied
Moodle forum with Clearly

Once the post is in Clearly you can clip to Evernote, print or save to PDF. Nice and easy!


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