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Internet Stream
Well it has been a while since I have posted. It will actually be another bit until I post again as I will be heading to a Moodle conference and then onto a little vacation. One of the ideas that I have been chewing on lately has been how to manage the stream of information that comes my way. We are inundated with information. Even with means to manage this stream (RSS and readers, listservs) there are times when the stream feels overwhelming.
The amount of content that is created on a daily basis is staggering. Some statistics from a little over a year ago:

140 million tweets are created every day
1,5 billion pieces of facebook content are created daily
10 million posts are created daily on tumblr
1,6 million blog posts are written everyday
2 million videos added daily on youtube
5 million images are added daily on flickr
60,000 new websites are added to the web every day
(source here)

What is a person to do in the face of all this information? How do we sift through the pile of ideas and pull out nuggets of value? I have decided that it is impossible to keep up. I think that it is healthy to realize that I will not be able to manage all of it. I do my best to remain aware of all I can and need and want to. I have a habit of checking feeds in my reader every couple days as time allows. For some of the tech blogs I follow, I will scann through article titles and stop momentarily on ones that catch my attention. After doing so for as long as my attention span will allow I scroll to the top and mark everything as read. I cringe as I do so, but I like the feeling of getting behind much less. I am concerned that this trend will leave me with not really having ingested any of the information. The addition of a mobile device has added to this habit. I really like apps like Flipboard, but this has added to the propensity to flip through headlines, not really concentrating on any one in particular. I can send articles of interest to myself to read later. I also use a social bookmarking tool to create a 'read later' list. The problem I find is that after marking something to read later, I don't get back to reading it later.

I have a couple questions and would welcome any comments.
How do you cut through the noise on the Internet/in your email/social network/digital life?
How do you allocate time for those things you want to read?


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