Google Plus and Blogger available for Beloit College Google Apps

If you havent seen the news about Google Plus and Blogger for Beloit College, click here.

This is a welcome addition to our group of apps at Beloit College. This post is the first on the new platform. If you have followed the blog or commented on any of the posts (thank you to those who have!), I have been experimenting with platforms - mainly between Blogger and Wordpress. The fact that we now have Blogger enabled for the domain sways me in that direction. I would like to experiment with Wordpress in the future, but I think that will wait a little while.

There have been a number of requests for a blogging platform on campus. I think that this will be a great tool for humanities, writing/English in particular and other disciplines looking for a way to allow students to reflect on the work they are doing. It could also be a good tool for departments looking for another way to market themselves and add to their sites on the main pages.

 I am excited to get back to blogging. it has been a while now, few weeks at least, and I miss the challenge/opportunity/outlet. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up a once a week pace. I may need to adjust that a bit. I think that I would like to have something of substance and perhaps giving myself more time to do that will help facilitate that. But I digress... I must return to my chores for now but hope to see you all very soon!



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