Password Management with Lastpass

Now what was that password again? Our world is requiring more and more passwords. Remembering them requires that a person either creates a simple password that is easy to remember, but less secure or one that is more secure, but difficult to remember. So what to do?
I would definitely recommend erring on the side of caution and creating a more secure password over convenience. There are many methods for creating secure passwords - here is an excellent Lifehacker article on the subject. But what do I do with all these passwords I have to remember? Enter Lastpass. This service keeps track of all your passwords in a secure cloud environment. If you are concerned about the cloud, you can try KeePass. Lastpass works will Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. There are also mobile verisons for all the major mobile flavors. Lastpass can auto-fill or auto-login to sites you visit, generate secure passwords based on the criteria you set and fill out online forms. Everything is secured with a master password. You only need to remember this single password. This makes managing passwords so much easier.

What do you do to manage passwords?


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