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Well...I haven't had much time to write the past week. Moodle has consumed most of my attention. I have gathered a group of articles that have come across my desk that I think may be helpful or thought provoking. I will list them here and provide a quick summary of why I think they are noteworthy.

The first in the round up is an article about QGIS or Quantum Geographocal Information System. The Chronicle's Profhacker blog presented an article about the benefits of QGIS. I look forward to downloading and trying this out.

Second is an artical from Digital Inspiration about how to record screencasts on and iPad or iPhone. As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, it is important from a training/teaching perspective to be able to show how to access your device and the content on it.

The third article is titled, "Pros and Cons of Social media in the Classroom". There are stron proponents on either side of the argument for or against. I will not share my opinion here, but perhaps in a future post. This article is good food for thought.

In light of the last article the last item is an article about how to properly cite a tweet. If you decide to use social media tools (of which Twitter is one of many, it is important to be able to use them properly.

Please feel free to comment on any of these tools or articles. Cheers!

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