I missed posting last week - my schedule would not allow it, so sorry! As a punishment, I will post twice this week.

I came across this app in one of the feeds I follow. This application allows you to sync your Google Docs files to your computer and vice versa. It, unfortunately, is Mac only. It works similarly to Dropbox (which I also highly recommend), creating a folder on your machine. This allows you to drag/drop files that you want to upload to Google docs. It will not automatically convert them, however. You will need to use the Google Docs interface for that.

One cool thing is that this application integrates with Growl (a notifications application). Any time a document is updated (any shared docs) a notification pops up unobtrusively onto your screen. This is a nice way to be aware of changes to documents.


dhhume said…
This program is available for Windows too. It's still in beta, but it's steadily working through the bugs and is really useful right now, at least for me. It think it's available for download at


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