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Managing a Job Search

I recently read an article in The Chronicle's ProfHacker blog asking how people manage searching for a job.  That got me thinking about how I have managed a job search.  As I recently experienced a job search, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on how I managed my search, what tools I used and how it all worked.

I really don't like looking for a job.  I am sure that there are a lot of people who would agree.  I particularly dislike having to fill out paper applications.  So strongly in fact, that for one application I scanned it and used Adobe Acrobat Pro to create a PDF form that I could fill in.  Over zealous? Maybe.  I would much rather fill out an online or otherwise digital form than a paper form.
The main tool that I used during my job search was a site called Simply Hired.  This site pulls information from across many job sites like Monster, Jobfox, and many more.  One of the cool things about it is that you can do a search from with in Simply Hired, sa…