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I don't know about you, but I like technology that makes my life easier or more organized.  There are many applications out there that have a ton of features and can track every area of your life.  While this is all well and good, many times with the increased power comes an increased learning curve and intricate UI (user interface).

Not so with Wunderlist.  This application is a straight forward to-do list.  It doesn't pretend to be an all encompassing task manager.  Others have discussed its minimal, easily navigable interface, so I will not repeat those findings here.  I will mention that the power of this app is that is will sync on any computer and iPhone/iTouch with a simple account and password.  
I have been using Wunderlist for about a month now and have found it to be helpful for organizing all the things I need to do.  I like that I am not distracted by the interface or by trying to figure out how to add a task.  All is done simply.  I like that I can create separate …


Hello!  In addition to work, home and this blog, I am also contributing to Ed and Web. I am an instructional technologist in the higher ed world. I am enjoying the world of technology and education.  I have been coming across a lot of articles about Evernote in the wake of the release of Evernote for Windows.  Personally and professionally I am always interested in being as organized as I can be.  With this newest release of Evernote I have decided to take the plunge and give it a try.  I will report back what I find and let you know how it works.
Please check back to see how this trial goes. Cheers!

Managing a Job Search

I recently read an article in The Chronicle's ProfHacker blog asking how people manage searching for a job.  That got me thinking about how I have managed a job search.  As I recently experienced a job search, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on how I managed my search, what tools I used and how it all worked.

I really don't like looking for a job.  I am sure that there are a lot of people who would agree.  I particularly dislike having to fill out paper applications.  So strongly in fact, that for one application I scanned it and used Adobe Acrobat Pro to create a PDF form that I could fill in.  Over zealous? Maybe.  I would much rather fill out an online or otherwise digital form than a paper form.
The main tool that I used during my job search was a site called Simply Hired.  This site pulls information from across many job sites like Monster, Jobfox, and many more.  One of the cool things about it is that you can do a search from with in Simply Hired, sa…

Google Reader

If you are someone who follows blogs or subscribes to any RSS feeds, Google Reader is a great tool for having one place to go to read all of them.  I have been using it for a few months now and have enjoyed being able to organize all my feeds from blogs, Hulu shows, and RSS feeds.  Using the reader has allowed me to quickly see, organize and read the information I subscribe to.

One of the nice features of the reader is the ability to share any article that you have in your reader.   I have added a gadget to share articles from my reader that I find interesting.  Please enjoy looking through and reading any of the articles that I have shared.  I will be occasionally be adding articles to this list.  Feel free to stop back to see new articles!

Long time, no see.

It has been a long time since I have written anything.  When this blog first began, it was a project for a class.  I have had moments when I have thought about making it a more steady deal, but other things have gotten higher priority.  Since this blog was begun, I have completed a master's degree, moved to a new home, and begun a new job.  Life is full, and good.

I am not sure what this blog will end up being.  I think it would be nice to have a place to share some of my thoughts and interesting things that I find.  I am not sure how often or regular I will be able to update this.  I am by no means a professional blogger.  Hopefully someone will find the information I post useful.  If not, then at least I have the chance to contemplate and put into words, the ideas that I have about what I will write about.

Some of the content will be personal - my faith, spiritual issues - although, not too though because this is after all on the internet. ;) Some of what I write about will be rel…