Flipping Video Camera

Yes! It is the Flip camera. I recently got to play with one of these and they are very cool. The one that I had ran on two AA batteries and could capture sixty minutes of standard-definition video. It had a marginal zoom and a fair microphone. The cool thing about this camera is that it has a USB connector that flips out (hmmm...) and allows the user to import directly into a computer. The camera contains software to save and manage the video files contained on the camera. It was very easy to import the captured video into my movie making software.

This has great potential application in many classrooms for documentation of any number of topics. It could be used in a theater class for capturing student projects. It could be used in a science class to document an experiment. The cameras could be used to document a special; event or trip that a class is participating in. The possibilities are almost endless. The user-friendliness of the camera and ease with which the user can upload the video to a computer makes it an even better tool for schools.


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